Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How did you try to count to 18 stiches and miss by 18 f*cking stitches?

I'll have been knitting for a month as of tomorrow, and this is all I have to show for it: A smaller, tighter, uglier ball of yarn.


Steve said...
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Steve said...

This is your first time knitting right? First times hardly ever go well. Next time, when you're knitting me a banana hammock, things will go much smoother.

That first post was removed due to a grammatical error. Not that most of my posts and comments aren't riddled with errors.

Phil said...

Your posts and comments are always delightful.

I should be clear: I try to _take_ a picture every day, but I don't always put them up the day I take them. In fact, any picture posted at "11:59 PM" was actually posted later and backdated. Including this one.

tamrika said...

its probably totally wrong

you need to knit yourself many many sweaters

i'll knit you a hat when you come to slc

Simon said...

Aw Phil be creative, it is not an ugly ball of yarn, you knitted what happens to a Muppet mogwai after you feed it after midnight. Or you created the furry dooms day device one that Professor Farnsworth doesn't have:)

Anne-Michelle said...

oh... oh, i .... oh!

i really like your muppet.

please felt soon?

Phil said...

Toma that's amazing! Are you saying that Tokyo is the pink flower in your heart? I hope to knit at least one thing, let alone many. I would love a hat!

AMT, Simon, thanks. :) The felting should commence Sunday.