Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Misunderestimating Intelligence

It took me until 10 hours after I got to the airport to find out that the reason I was going to have to stay as much as 36 more hours was not, despite the claims of several fellow passengers and at least one gate agent, the result of George W. popping in to Chicago for a visit. Turns out they had planned for that. No, what they failed to plan for was the fact that THE WINDY CITY might not be the best place to put the BUSIEST AIRPORT IN THE WORLD, since it may lead to the occasional weather delays. Like if they might occasionally have weather that's bad for planes to take off and land in. Like wind.


Joanna said...

hey! one of my profs got caught in that airport on his way back from Israel 2 weeks ago...how weird would it have been if you'd met (which is of COURSE a reasonable hypothetical for the busiest airport in the world...)

K-Star said...

Remember when I was stuck in Chicagho for 3 days? First it was storms, and then wind. I was meant to fly out on a Sunday afternoon. I FINALLY got on a plane the following Tuesday

Simon said...

Was that Ohare airport Phil? Ya you got to love it, I don't think there was a time that I flew through there that I wasn't delayed. Including my first time coming to Colorado for school being stuck on the plane on the runway for however long the first spider man movie was and half of changing lanes, oh and the hour or two before they decided to start showing movies

Phil said...

Joanna, yeah, especially reasonable since I don't know what he looks like and had different countries of arrival and departure. Still, stranger things have happened!

K*, I do indeed remember that story, and in fact I remembered suddenly at the airport, just after the machine told me it had booked me on a flight for two days later and I thought "That's impossible!" Then I thought "fuck." Then I thought "Sweet, another trip to the Institute!"

Simon, I was told that this staying overnight was my punishment for never having flight delays at O'Hare before. Next time I guess you'll get through smoothly.