Thursday, January 17, 2008

You Probably Shouldn't Read This One, Mom

I've never had a space heater, so even though this space heater is probably cool enough that you could use it as a chair, I couldn't stand the way this yarn was lying a mere foot away from it. Then I went upstairs to make breakfast:
... and thought little of the way the old curtains were reaching out towards the word "Hot Surfaces" next to the glowing red elements. Because that happens every day.


jesaccom said...

I am soo glad that you started knitting, as a fellow Knitter I say welcome!
When you graduate to knitting other things such as mitts, hats, socks etc. here's some sage advice:
-invest in a set of decent circular needles with interchangable tips( they may be expensive up front, but in the long run MUCH cheaper)
-you will never have enough yarn (never)

Phil said...

Thanks for the advice! Did you see that I have some knitting tips of my own?

Marianne said...

I started two fires in my apartment last week. One had to do with popcorn. One with melted cheese.

Barbara said...

a sure way to get Mom to read a post.