Thursday, February 7, 2008


It turns out Jean Chretien is as charismatic in person as he is on TV. The questions were pretty easy, of course, but I still think Sullay would have loved to watch this artful politician at work. I tried to get a picture with him afterwards, but he was kind of hard to get to:
Eventually I worked up the courage to follow Oliver on stage, though, which enabled me to get this picture with The Right Honourable Ear. It's the one with the tie.


Steve said...

Did he tell the story about how he (for some reason) wound up singing the national anthem during the Northwest Territories centennial celebrations?

I wish I could have heard that.

Phil said...

I wish I could have heard that too, but I can't even find that story. google seems to think it has something to do with Ohio.

Steve said...

I heard him tell the story on the Mike Bullard show years and years ago.