Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Brother Brigham, Brother Young

My brother Simon came from Colorado to rescue me from my slides, and the two of us went to check out the BYU campus. First, we found out that the student newspaper has a pretty wide purview. It looks like they take their name pretty seriously, too, judging by the amount of space-monitoring equipment they had:
We couldn't find the conference (not having looked up any of the locations) but we did find out that BYU was as homogeneous as we had heard, at least when it came to film classes:
Afterwards, we headed down to the malt shop to get some dinner. I had a guacamole sandwich, not realizing how literal the name was:
And me and Simon each had a malt:His was Strawberry and mine was Peanut Butter and Banana:
It was one of their 20 most popular flavours, after all.


Barbara said...

And do you notice that the newspaper rack is strategically placed next to... is that a recycling bin or a garbage bin?

Simon said...

Yup it was a recycling bin next to the newspaper rack. There was one recycling bin overloading with newspapers

Joanna said...

that sandwich looks disgusting, btw. i can't even imagine wanted to eat something of that consistency.