Thursday, March 6, 2008


Hey, Laura! Check it out!It's just like you told me! You don't recognize it? Look closer:
See? Remember? How you told me that engineers calculated the perfect spot to pee on in a urinal? Then they found out that the best thing to paint there would be a fly? Even better then an actual target, ffs? I found this one in the wild! I will refrain from telling you what I did to it.


Joanna said...

what exactly makes that the perfect spot? also, it looks more like a bee than a fly to me.

Laura said...

It does look more like a bee than a fly... but that's still awesome!

Steve said...

Joanna wrote almost everything I wanted to write.

I will add that never, while using a urinal have I thought "That could have went better. If only I knew exactly where to aim. There's got to be a better way!"

Phil said...


No, but seriously, that spot is better for the floor and, I suspect, your pants.