Friday, March 14, 2008


The conference continued today, and you can tell how excited Team Alberta was. Well, I don't look that excited, but maybe being on planet BYU was getting me down. Everybody felt a little restrained, let's say, so we decided to take the night off to go downtown. At first, downtown didn't seem that much better, what with its blatant racism:
Like, whatever. I'm not so crazzy. I don't even drink five alive any more. Nor do I have a stuffed duck:
Then I saw something that did remind me of home:
When I saw her sultry lips and bulbous bouffant, I felt like I was back on earth. A place where people actually sin. That inspired most of us to take part in the sin of boutique shopping:
A sin in which Simon would have no part:
Finally, we stopped by a grocery store for some beer. Much to our surprise, even beer is a sin since, it seems, it may actually have, if you can imagine, some alcohol in it!
That didn't stop us, though:
Oh, and you can't see it from here, but that's a Polygamy Porter. [Motto: Why have Just One?]. Polygamy, incidentally, not a sin, though it will get you excommunicated from the regular LDS church.


Simon said...

I am not sure but I think that duck is supposed to be a loon, I don't really remember it so I couldn't tell you for sure. But seeing those Caramel bars inside almost wanted me to see if how far they carried the stereo type to see if the door was unlocked (to leave money for some on the counter :)

Phil said...

Good call, Simon. Loon indeed.
And hell, if I'd have known I could have brought you _lots_ of caramilk bars!