Sunday, March 16, 2008

Two Temples

We had a thorough and thoroughly satisfying conference, so we gave ourselves a few days off to vacation in Salt Lake City. After evading the robotic cops at the airport:We took in two of the cities holiest sites. First, Temple Square:
We couldn't get in to the temple itself, but we went into the world-famous tabernacle.
While there, I couldn't help but notice how much the organ:
reminded me of a somewhat different temple I visited in Japan.
This guy, on the other hand, reminded me of nothing at all:
He was in the northern visitor's centre, sooth-saying for Nebuchadnezzar along with other biblical figures like Noah:
None of them, however, were fit to kiss the sandals of the 11-foot marble talking Jesus:
If you look carefully, you'll see that he's floating in space. Don't let it fool you: he's not too far out of reach of those of us stuck in the terrestrial kingdom:

When we'd had our fill, we moved on to Tamrika's temple to awesomeness:
This is the main floor of a former Antiques store that Tamrika and John have lovingly restored JUST FOR GUESTS LIKE US. Tanya (and, if you zoom in, Chris) express how amazed we were that we got to stay here. The place was outstanding. Rooms and rooms of interesting books:
Original Deseret art pieces by local heroes:
And so forth.

We spent the night in, all of us being tired, and the entertainment at home being more than exciting enough for us. Tamrika and John played Centipede:
The girls played pinball:
And Chris and I stuck to Gorf:

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