Sunday, April 13, 2008


It's hard to sum up how many ways I know Martha, shown here playing Settlers of Catan in the Australian outback, so let's just say she's probably the most regular reader of this blog never to appear on it. (Directly, at least). You can imagine how excited I was to hear that she would be in Edmonton for a few days before flying back down under. Edmonton was excited too: The weather was so warm that it was physically impossible for me to take myself out of it by putting on those headphones:
When Mars (nee Martha) got here we headed to Muddy Watters, where she demonstrated her new ability to knit FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT!!!1
After a thoroughly satisfying stitch 'n bitch session, Tatiana and I tried to show her around our used bookstores, with little success:
She got to see some pretty Edmonton Edmonton anyway, though, including the old-west ghost town stretch of 81st Ave, hitching post and all:
And Whyte Ave, of course, where we met up with Trev for dinner:
On the way back to my place, Trev pointed out a dubious sign of his fame: The class he was scheduled to teach made it on to this sign:
...but not into reality. It was cancelled for lack of students. You should have signed up! Anyone can learn! And he's good!

Anyway, we stopped off at home and grabbed Kitchener-Waterloo On Board! (an "Opoly style game" based on the town Trev, Mars and I grew up in) and took it out to an Edmonton gem for a little cultural exchange:
AMT and Steve joined us for the game, and it got so intense that I stopped taking pictures, even when a crowd of my friends arrived to meet the guest of honor.


Phil said...

By the way, Marianne, In terms of regular readers not appearing, you're next.

Martha said...

YESSSSSS!!!! I'm famous! I'm on Phil's Life in Pictures! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!

Simon said...

wow I never knew their was a KW opoly game. It would be interesting to see what is all on it, and if I can remember the places :)

Barbara said...

Ghost town?

Big Momma said...

is that trevor waurechen??Wow you and Mars have known each other 25 doesn't that seem like a quarter of a century...

Phil said...

Trevor Waurechen indeed. It's great to have him out here.

Yep, mom, there's one avenue in Edmonton that always looks kinda old-westy, and is usually pretty quiet. I'll show it to you some time if you come visit!