Monday, April 14, 2008

MARSBLOG: All Martha, All the Time

Offers to take Martha to The Mall while she was here were met with nothing but eye-rolling, so instead I took her in to see the department. Despite being an engineer by training, Mars almost immediately made my toy helicopter fail to fly:She made up for it, though, by being brave enough to open the door I sure as hell never would have.
I tried to tell her that Timmy's isn't as popular out here, but my claim was undermined almost immediately: Sure, Waterloo has four of them on campus, but you can't stand in the same place and see two of them.
When Martha heard that Edmonton had a Chinatown, she thought she'd like to check it out. I think she didn't think it would be very Chinese. It turns out she was right:
After knitting for a while at a hole-in-the-wall bubble tea place packed floor-to-ceiling with crates of mangoes, we went back to Jasper. Here's Mars at the arboretum, blithely unaware that she is about to be grabbed by a giant cactus monster
Before heading back across the river, we stopped in at the Macdonald for a little repose:
Martha was a little bit confused by this sign:
...but I thought it was pretty self explanatory: "Queen Elizabeth swimming in river: THIS WAY"

Anyway, we met up with a bunch of linguists on our way to dinner. I guess they were excited to see us:

That's Sullay's laugh you hear in the video. He was so impressed, he decided to give it a try for himself:
Eventually we made it to the restaurant, where they served us tasty Indian food by the bucket load:All in all, a great visit.


Barbara said...

Hi Martha,
was it skulls behind the door?

Steve said...

Martha looks like she's a member of team Zissou.

Phil, is that a tweed jacket with suede elbow patches? I have a jacket like that made out of more things than anything else I own.

50% wool
30% polyester
10% nylon
5% acrylic
5% other fibres

Phil said...

Martha is at least as adventurous as any member of team Zissou, and my jacket is indeed as you describe. I also like how they say "5% other fibres" - it means they don't even know. Cotton? Rat fur? Applesauce? It's anybody's guess.

I'll let Martha answer mom's question.

Martha said...

Yes! It totally WAS skulls behind the door! I don't think I would like being a "test specimen" for a linguist...

And yes! It totally is a Team Zissou hat! Knitted for me by my friend Laura.

Anne-Michelle said...

the Mildly Chinese Herbal Stuff place makes me laugh loudly.

... I hope you made it back to the land where they let you wear your own clothes, Martha.