Sunday, May 4, 2008

More Vancouver

Being savvy West-coasters, we knew well enough to avoid the expensive suspension bridge and head to the free one instead:Then we headed downtown, which was welcoming in a surprising way:
Our first goal was the Museum of Anthropology, which was welcoming in a more subversive way:
I loved the museum, which had Salish writing for me to pronounce everywhere. It was full of unhappy faces, though:

Actually, this last one looks pretty content. It could be because he's the Tsimshianic representation of the first European.

The museum is on the UBC campus, which made it easy for us to go see Steve's lab. Here he is pretending to do science for us:

And here we are blatantly disregarding a biohazard warning
We finished off the day on the beach, flying Steve's attack kite:
which was totally rad.


Andrew said...

I love that you remembered not to take the touristy bridge! Also must be great to see both Laura and Steve in Vancouver ... and I take it the third is your girl?

tamrika said...

'including you', this is an answer to your comment on my blog.

Simon said...

Ah good old biohazard.It reminds me of pritchards as there was one lady (Marian) who would bring her part of one meal night in biohazrd bags. So you would open up the frezzer and there were biohazrd bags :)
I believe she did lab work which is why she had them.

Phil said...

Thanks Toma.

Yeah, Simon, that would be _so_ _awesome_.

Anne-Michelle said...

thanks for the hasty raven picture -- it's quite nice. also, i am VERY pleased to learn about vancouver's lack of nuclear weapons. this had not really been a worry of mine previously, but now i am totally calm about it.