Saturday, May 3, 2008


It turns out Billingsworth reads this blog as much as mechanically possible, so I'm glad to get a chance to put her on it. We've known each other since before she moved in to the Brothel, but I haven't seen her much since she moved to Vancouver, where she works as a college math instructor and part-time enforcer:
She took Tatiana and I to Lighthouse Park, where you can only fish using really long polesA good time was had by all.
After seeing the beach, heading up the mountain, eating some sushi, and buying a car, we went back to her apartment for some well-earned rest on her outrageously scenic balcony:


Barbara said...

Hey! I remember Lighthouse Park. Didn't get anywhere near a lighthouse.

Anne-Michelle said...

wait. buying a car was on that list. sorry?

tamrika said...

hi phil. i miss talking to you. i tried to call you, but instead of your voice it was very annoyed elderly woman that answered. although i believe in transformations, i think this one doesn't qualify. can i have your working number. i am blogging again!