Friday, May 23, 2008

You bet!

I'm always looking for an adventure cool enough to prevent my mouth from closing. AMT had just the idea this weekend: A trip to Calgary via the Icefields parkway. Banff and Jasper were obviously built for tourists, who prefer that every aspect of their experience be mountain themed:
and constantly need to use the bathroom:Between the town sites, the Rockies were as beautiful as ever. I almost didn't recognize the Athabasca Glacier
probably because the last time I was there it was under somewhat less hospitable conditions.

We finally got to Calgary, where Steph showed us that strip mall pubs are much classier than they are in Edmonton:
Which did nothing to prevent AMT from becoming exasperated


Anne-Michelle said...

not exasperated! just ... trying to pull off my nose. and i am stealing a bit of your magic prose here for my favourite quotes here.

Phil said...