Monday, May 5, 2008

Vacation Vacation

Tonks took most of the pictures today, which is why there's more Phil in Phil's Life than usual.
We started off with fancy cakes for breakfast, and proceeded to the zoo, at which I found part-time employment:
Then it was across the seabus to see downtown.
We saw the steam clock by contractual obligation:
From there we decided to go to the Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden. I choose a direct route, not realizing that the part of Hastings we were going to pass by was East Hastings. I didn't stop to take too many pictures other than this one. Anywho, Japanese Dollar store shopping was much more interesting (and less expensive) than the Chinese Garden, so we stopped off at the International Something-or-other mall. Lunch was Indian food, bubble-tea, and fisticuffs:
After walking around downtown for a while, we eventually found our way to the art gallery, which was closed but otherwise a great place to rest.
[UPDATE: we actually went to the museum on the 6th.]

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