Sunday, February 7, 2010

Special Teams

[T loves NFL football, but doesn't totally understand it yet]
T: Why do they keep showing that guy sitting there with the evil face?
P: That's Peyton Manning!
T: Oh. There are lots of Mannings in the NFL, right?
P: Yep.
T: But the Colts only have one?
P: [Laughing]


Andrew said...

That's almost exactly what Emma said.

Though she also asked, regarding Manning, "who's the little guy."

Phil said...

I can see where Emma was coming from. T was mad that the Colts (defensive) strategy was to have "the big fat guy pushing everybody around."

AMT said...

this post, this picture, these comments, are all beyond adorable. i have never seen the NFL involve anything remotely as cute...

Phil said...

...then, AMT, you didn't see the giant football players celebrating with their tiny children after the win.