Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Need some Asprin and Juice

I just digitized the only extant live recording (and maybe the only recording of any kind) of my high-school band, Palo Alto. The recording quality is shit. It sounds like the band is occasionally closes into an airtight plastic bucket for about 30 seconds at a time. I blame the ravages of time rather than the sound engineer, who also happens to have made the print that you can see in the background.


Simon said...

Or maybe you can blame the Mental Travelers as we were that bad but still had fun. I wish we could have gotten a copy of the "Dilts Brother's Blues Band" video that Dan had.

I think the coffee house is still going on.

P.S.Creep Creep Creep Creep ;)

Phil said...

:) Thanks for that, Simon. And the Mental Travelers were obviously the most badass, since you got kicked off the stage when your guitarist swore.

Simon said...

Lol was that on those coffee house tapes you just listened too? That was definitely interesting I was repositioning the mic down towards my dumbek (hand drum) and looked up and asked for help and they said don't bother we are being kicked off.
Ah good times

Phil said...

Naw, Simon, it looks like you guys were only playing for as long as it took the sound board to switch tapes. (boo!) I just remember you guys getting ejected because it was so SCANDALOUS! :)