Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Michelle wanted me to go to H.E.B. - not for anything specific, just to go. It could be because she wanted me to see the Latino Soda aisle:
... which is the kind of thing this blog would make fun of if they weren't in so many magical, effing delicious flavours:


AMT said...

i like the graphic design choices on that sign.

'well, what is in this aisle? there is soda, first off. k, that gets its own half of the sign.

and then the rest? well, the rest of the aisle is chips and latino soda. those go together, right? and they are obviously more similar to each other than they are to... soda... so, they will go together on the right side. done!'

Phil said...

So true! And actually, it's better than that: The left side of the aisle had Soda. The right side of the aisle had Latino Soda. It isn't just graphic design, it's retail layout!