Thursday, March 10, 2011

Songs From The Black Hole

I think I'm addicted to this record. Sometimes I listen to it for so many consecutive hours that I get scared and decide to quit listening to music altogether. Then, after about 12 hours, I suddenly have to listen to it again and read about how it was put together and download tabs and modify whatever I can to play on my cigar-box guitar.

Some reviewers think I stopped liking anything Weezer recorded after 1996 because I stopped having new embarrassing teenaged thoughts about girls and loneliness when I turned 20. I prefer to think that the reason Pinkerton failed commercially and critically is exactly what made it so good: Few grown-up people were ready to admit that they still had embarrassing teenaged thoughts about girls or boys and loneliness, and here was Rivers Cuomo, screaming and whining about exactly what we were ashamed to admit that we felt.

Then again, maybe Pinkerton was so good because the songs managed to combine power-rock excitement with musically delicious arrangements and moving vocal explosions, and I should feel ashamed that I identify with the borderline-creepy lyrics. But whatever. At least it makes me say it out loud.


Mary said...

Where did you get the album?

Phil said...

It was beamed to me from the depths of space. I can get it to you.