Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Austin: World of Fantasy

Austin Texas! I went to Joanna and Toshia's apartment, a 3-minute walk away from this:
Inside they had Japanese Batman t-shirts, santa-hatted Hulk, and the stop-motion Ben Franklin special that they don't show in Canada for some reason:
We went out for Tex Mex right quick, as one should in Texas. I'm surprised it took me this long to take my first picture of this little darling:
We couldn't finish our meals, which is also pretty America. But Freebirds' takeout boxes reminded me that I was in a safe and supportive city:
It wasn't enough Tex-Mex, of course, so we went to Baby A's for dinner and Everclear purple margaritas. I agree with Rockin' Spanish Santa:

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