Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Naomi (bartender at Garneau): What's your last name?
Naomi: You're Philip ?
Me: Yes?
Naomi: You used to live at

Me: Yee..eees???
Naomi: I have a letter for you. Wait here.
[5 minutes pass]
Naomi: Here it is. I found you on Facebook and tried to get it back to you!
Me: Wait! You're Naomi ? When I went to the house to get it, nobody knew what I was talking about!
Naomi: Yeah, sorry, that was my roommate.  The letter looked so intense, I... we opened it. It had a wax seal! We waited so long to open it! We read it many times. We read it in different accents. When people came to the house, we said "you want to see something cool?" and we read it to them. I have read this letter so many times. Pippa will be excited to meet you.
Me:.... ..... ..... ................ I'll be here again.

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