Sunday, March 31, 2013

It Begins

Okay! I'm getting started before I waste any more time.

My list of films for the week starting Tuesday is posted below. The 113-year list as a whole is NOT FINISHED. But I figure it doesn't matter. Or rather, it does matter: "pick any movie I definitely should see" is a harder question to answer than more specific ones like "I need better films from the next 4-7 years I'm about to watch, given what you know I've watched so far." So, please answer any of these questions now. But I will start watching films to make the need for more specific answers both more acute and easier to come by.

So, here's the list of films. None are longer than a few minutes, and most can be watched on youtube or downloaded from The Internet Archive (freely and legally)
Tuesday Apr 2 - 1900 - Sherlock Holmes Baffled and The Enchanted Drawing
Wednesday - 1901 The Man with the Rubber Head and President McKinley Inauguration Footage
Thursday - 1902 A Trip to the Moon
Friday - 1903 The great train robbery
Saturday - 1904The Impossible Voyage
Sunday - 1905 The Misadventure of a French Gentleman without pants at the Zandzvoort Beach

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