Monday, March 18, 2013

Let's fatten the list

I'm working on adding films to the list, but I'm doing it more through RottenTomatoes ranking / personal whim than through any understanding of what films are pivotal or unmissable. So please, add films to any year you'd like. If the year has fewer than 10 films listed, that means I've probably missed something important, and you should tell me so by adding your films to the list.

This means that there will be a winnowing process that anyone who cares to should take part in. My current plan is to pick the film that the fewest people have seen. As a tie-breaker, we can choose the film that the most people actually want to see. (Or rather, want to force -me- to see.)

Another note on my selections: There are some artists whose films I definitely want to include. Bob Fosse, Busby Berkeley, Antonioni, Truffaut, Charlie Chaplin, D.W. Griffiths, Kiarostami... and you pick your own. But until I know the makeup of the list, I can't choose which of these artists' films to include. So, Cabaret and All That Jazz are both on the list, for example, but I only expect to include at most one of them in the final list.

In other words, something like half of the films that I select are ones that I don't expect to watch at all. Let this be a sign of encouragement: You can basically ignore my selections when you're adding your own. Because that's what I do.

And finally, if you have no idea what the hell list I'm talking about, send me an email and I will show it to you.

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