Friday, March 15, 2013

Phil's life in Moving Pictures

Hello whoever still reads this. I'm going to repurpose this blog for a while, and I hope you'll join me in the new project.

The project is for me to watch a film a day in chronological order. Believe it or not, I started this as a way to _increase_ my productivity. Mental Health problems sometimes have wacky workarounds.

The project has two phases:

1) create a list of films, one per release year, from the beginning of film until the present day. There are two criteria for inclusion: First, (you and) I haven't seen the film yet. Second, since it's only one film per year, it should probably be one worth watching. The goodness of the film is ABSOLUTELY NOT a criterion. But if it's bad, it should be spectacularly so-bad-it's-the-best-film-choice-of-the-year bad.

2) Each week, I post the list of films selected for the upcoming week. After I watch them, I'll post a brief comment about them here. I'll also tweet snide remarks with the hashtag #chronoorder, probably.

If you want to take part, that's awesome. If you -can- take part, that's awesome too. Here's how you can:

Phase 1: Help me build the list of films. Suggest any film you haven't seen but wish you had, or think you should. Or films you've seen but think I should definitely see.

Phase 2: Watch any films that your whims and circumstances recommend. If you want to watch a film with me (in Edmonton), let me know a day in advance and I'll come to you. If you want to discuss the film, we can have a slow-mo discussion in the comments here.

I do discourage anyone without my particular circumstances from watching -all- of the films. That would be pathological. But so am I. In fact, feel free to watch -none- of the films, and just watch vicariously through me.

Feel free to contact me about this using any medium through which we are connected - twitter, facebook, comments here, text messages, seeing me around, etc. I will start building the list soon.

Let's do this!


Anonymous said...

Phil, you write so well. :)
-Sarah F.

Phil said...

:) Thanks Sarah. Let me know if you come across someone who wants to pay me for it!

tamrika said...

hey there! you know how to get my interest! what years are you missing? x