Saturday, April 6, 2013

1903 - The Great Train Robbery

World's first Western, The Great Train Robbery. While the previous films mostly used special effects to bemuse the audience or inspire wonder in them, this film uses special effects to have a bandit bash a man's skull in with a rock and throw him off a train.
The dummy was a much better actor than most of the actual humans when it came to death scenes, though. The humans mostly died like this:
By the end of the film, [SPOILER ALERT] all of the bandits are dead, and justice seems to have been done. Then it cuts to probably the first close up shot of anyone that I've seen yet. And the shot is bizarre: One of the now dead bandits stares at you, the audience, as he slowly fires shots from his revolver until after it's been emptied. Then the film ends.

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