Saturday, April 6, 2013

1904 - The Impossible Voyage

Another Méliès sci-fi film about a trip to space. This one felt sooooper long, at just under 20 minutes. I wasn't always clear on what was happening.  For the first half of the film I thought it was about how much of a pain in the ass it is to get to the airport.

But then a train flies off a cliff and into the sun. Into the sun's open mouth, in fact, and the sun belches goodness knows what as a result.....
... exactly the same gag that the Méliès ripoff used 4 years later with the moon. And here I thought at least that much was original.

The film _might_ reveal some beliefs that are surprising given that they're new enough to be on film. The fact that the trip back to earth is achieved by falling off a high enough cliff; the way someone uses dried wood to make a fire so he can melt some ice while he's on the surface of the sun. But maybe this was more soft sci-fi than hard sci-fi, even in its time. 

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