Wednesday, April 10, 2013

1907 - Laughing Gas

Another Edwin Porter/Thomas Edison film, Laughing Gas is a comedy starring Bertha Regustus. Regustus is a Black woman, so we can now date the loss of funnyness among women to some time in the 100 years between this movie and this article, which you shouldn't bother asking me about since I don't plan to read it.

At any rate, the film is a 9-minute morality play about how you should definitely do nitrous and then interact with as many people as possible. Sure, you may [SPOILERS] steal seats on the trolley, destroy the milkman's livelihood and get taken to court for it, and dump soup on the people that you're a domestic servant for, but nobody will care.  They will laugh their asses off. Because you are.

Also, the survey for 1916 is still up. Thanks for your responses so far.

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