Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1909 - Princess Nicotine; or, the Smoke Fairy

Another short special effects comedy that I chose for the preposterous name. It's mostly about smoking and mischievous fairies. The fairies play pranks on the much larger smoking protagonist. For example, they hide in his corn cob pipe and cover themselves with tobacco:
Ha! What a foolish smoker! He is about to smoke a MAGICAL FAIRY without even knowing it. Fans of psychedelic drugs may not find this so foolish, of course: Given the chance, a mind-expander would EFFING LOVE the chance to smoke a (n apparently willing) magical creature in their pipes. Anyway, the film still represented a milestone for me. This smoking fairy rose flower:
... eventually broke down into petals, and those petals rolled themselves into a cigar, all in stop motion. That's right: This is the first stop-motion animation I've seen in this project, which made it pretty rad. Even though the things being animated were mostly boring.

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