Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Good News, Better News

The good news is that my brother Andrew, pictured here with Maestro Fresh Wes, found my camera in Waterloo. The better news is that since we're seeing each other in a month, he's not going to bother mailing it out to me in Edmonton. The best news is that he's going to be using my camera to take a picture a day of his own and write his own captions, and if he remembers maybe write his own titles. His posts will be tagged with "A-cam". His first effort, for yesterday, is shown below.

[UPDATE: I called Andrew a lame-o and he told my mom on me so I made fun of him again and now he won't be sending me any more pictures because I'm being, "well, kind of a jerk." Boo!]


Barbara said...

come on guys, more pictures!

Anne-Michelle said...

pictured here with MAESTRO FRESH WES.

good LORD that is exciting. more exciting than getting things australia, even...