Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blue Jobs my Shiny Metal A**

Dripping faucets should be easy to fix, right?  Just replace a washer?  I was too chicken to force the cold valve off, and when I got the hot valve off it didn't _have_ a washer. I couldn't even get it back on straight, as you can see.   

Anyway, it stopped dripping.  I think it felt sorry for me.


K-Star said...

Ha. I have recently changed the washers/whole units inside my taps (bathroom and kitchen). I feel your pain, except I had someone around who thrives on blue jobs. In fact, he insists on doing them, even if I really want to do them.

M said...

Eff blue jobs. I make my man do all of them. I don't need that.

Phil said...

I guess the moral of these comments is that I need a man.