Friday, February 15, 2008


When the television told me today would be "lovely," I believed it. It turned out this narrow glass had other plans for me:
It decided to pop out a few shards of glass while I was washing it, giving me the chance to carve it right into my right thumb.

The cut looked pretty deep, so I went to emergency for the first time. It's a brand-new state-of-the-art facility, which you can see for yourself by how sophisticated the waiting procedure is. I was treated immediately in triage, but for the stitches I had to wait in at least 4 different places.
Eventually a doctor came in and rolled out his suture kit, featuring ETHICON brand ethical sutures. After cleaning up the hastily but caringly applied iodine, he froze my thumb, which I didn't react to very well:
Once I came to, I was curious enough to take a look at the stitches. I love stitches. I love how they basically involve sewing you shut like a quilt. And tying cute little knots:
A bit more waiting, some fancy gauze, and a free tetanus shot later, I was good as new.


Steve said...

I'm pleased that the news used the word 'lovely' to describe the weather. It's so rare that there is anything lovely in the news.

I cut myself so infrequently so when it does happen I get a little excited. It never seems to hurt that much.

Do I see three stitches? Congratulations.

Barbara said...

Well, you seem to be okay, so I'll just ask: who took the picture of you conked out? Are you having fun typing?

Marianne said...

That's fucking queasy disgusting.

Feel better.

Phil said...

Thanks! I already feel pretty great. Typing is a bit of a pain, but I've been doing more coding than I have all year, for some reason.

I actually took that picture myself. I wasn't entirely passed out, fortunately, and it made me feel better to focus on something other than how f*cking queasy disgusting I felt.

Marianne said...

By the way, I forgot to respond to your guest blogging idea: I am all for it. 100%

Phil said...

Marianne, Awesome. Now come to Edmonton so we can make it happen. You can stay at my place. You probably won't.

Marianne said...

Hahaha! No, fool. You can blog from Edmonton on my blog, and I will blog from New York on yours. That is the MAGIC of the internet.

Phil said...


I was wondering because guest comics use the original artist's characters in their own style. So like for my blog you would use my characters in your format? That's why I thought we'd have to be in the same place.

But if you used your own characters in my format on my blog, we could be wherever we want. I guess my brother did that one time.

Anne-Michelle said...

i'd like to point out two things.

one: .... aigghkjhlljkgjh!

two: how come you did not mention this in your description of what you did last week?