Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Total Mutual Awesomeness

Everything with the word "Soviet" in it is somehow funny to me. Even this chapter about how the Soviets were working to develop strains of smallpox that could resist ionizing radiation. You know, so that it could keep killing capitalists even in a post-apocalyptic nuclear winter. Yay.


Anne-Michelle said...

i am pretty sure the ultimate soviet betrayal was when your first pre-felting boot collapsed.

Marianne said...

Far, far less far-fetched than the idea of a "dirty bomb."

Phil said...

I think the soviets are not convinced that my boots are proper valenki. Tamrika didn't seem convinced, at least.

Marianne, that reminds me of something surreal I saw a month or so ago. I was reading a web article with a headline line "Terrorists acquired enough Uranium to make a dirty bomb." On the bottom of the second page there was a quote from a scientist like "There is no way this was enough material to make a dirty bomb." I went back a few minutes later to take a screen capture of the two juxtaposed, but by that time the title had changed, and the quote from the scientist had disappeared.